Tortellini Soup with Mini Chicken Meatballs

We had an unexpected, extended break from school schedule this week. On Monday all of the local schools and surrounding districts were closed in honor of Martin Luther King Day. Then, late Monday night we received text messages from our local school district that all schools would be closed due "inclement weather conditions".  Freezing temperatures with lots ice, sleet and the possibility of more snow was put into the forecast here in Central and South Texas for the next few days. 

Simple Cocoa-Spice Cake #SundaySupper

When I've got the time, I love to bake two-layer cakes or large sheet cakes complete with homemade frosting or a shiny glaze on top. But, more and more often simple one-layer cakes, like this cocoa-spice cake, are becoming one of my favorite things to serve for an after dinner sweet treat.

Black-eyed Pea Soup with Ham

Hi there. I don't know about you all, but it takes me a few days to bounce back after the holiday "vacation".  The first week of my son's Christmas break this time around was so restful, peaceful and fun. We enjoyed hanging around the house, having late breakfasts, playing board games, playing in the yard and watching lots of Christmastime classic shows and movies. It was fantastic, relaxed week with my kids!

Santa's Whiskers

I just love this recipe for these retro cookies called Santa's Whiskers. I can't claim that these cookies hold dear, childhood memories for me, because I've only recently discovered them.

Book Review: How to Set A Table

I was so happy to receive a review copy of this petite, pretty book called How to Set A Table. I don't get to have sit down dinner parties with full place settings much anymore, but once-upon-a-time I loved having nice, grown-up dinner parties. I used to set up a table with real candles, schnapps glasses for toasting, linens napkins and the whole kit and kaboodle. Now that my kids are getting a bit bigger, maybe we can start to have some family-style sit down dinners with real place settings and linens and try to teach some true manners to these little minions and show the kids a nice dinner with style at home!

Cappuccino Crinkles #SundaySupper

These cappuccino crinkles are just amazing little cookies.

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