Sweet and Spicy Succotash with Maple and Bacon (vegetarian modification included!)

Succotash is a classic dish and I am one of it's most loyal fans, for sure. I usually like to serve it as it's supposed to be, in all it's simple glory, with just corn, Lima beans and a little salt and pepper. But, lately I've been taking a few little liberties with this old-fashioned dish by adding in some onion and crispy bacon bits. My small adaptations to this old standby were on the list for an upcoming fall post, until it seems life intervened and made the changes a bit more dramatic... and better.

As are so many of the recipes I post here, this sweet and spicy version of succotash was born out of a grocery list-based mistake. My family of very distracted shoppers continues to keep me on my toes in the kitchen. I love it, really. This homebody has to get fresh inspiration from somewhere, right?!

Keep up the good work, crazy little family.


Pink and Purple Rock Star Cookies

It's been a while since I've shared  pics of any of my baking projects here on the blog, but these cookies were so much fun that they definitely deserve a post. I'm working to get my Decorated Index Cookie tab updated on the blog home page too. Hopefully all of the fun cookies posts can be found in one place really soon.   

I made these over the weekend for a customer who has become a sweet friend. Her daughter Novalea turned 14 and her big birthday present was a couple of tickets see the Nick Jonas/Demi Lovato concert here in San Antonio.

Rock star cookies were definitely in order for this special occasion!  Happiest of birthdays, Novalea!


Crispy Fried Okra

School madness is in full swing for us and this year we have more extra-curriculars on the schedule than ever before. My son is in his fourth season of soccer and he is trying his hand at hip-hop dance for the first time. My daughter just started ballet too, so on three evenings during the week and Saturday mornings we are booked for the next two months. That being said, you should know that I prefer to cook fresh veggies whenever possible, but I always have bags of frozen goodies in the freezer for extra busy school nights or nights when I'm feeling a bit lazy (yeps, totally happens). 

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