Rustic Caramel Apple Upside-Down Skillet Cake

Can you believe it's almost the end of October? Geez, I know I can't. 

For my family, the very end and very beginning of each year are time periods that jam-packed with celebrations for the holidays, of course, but we also attend multiple family birthday parties. It's just how the cookie crumbled for us that the majority of family birthdays, on both sides, are in the fall and winter months. Throughout the upcoming weeks, we'll stay busy attending and hosting parties so that means that I'll lean heavily on dishes that know are delicious, impressive... and easy. This Rustic Caramel-Apple Upside Skillet Cake is a perfect example of the sorts of recipes I keep around for special occasions. 


Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup

This satisfying, hearty version of chicken noodle soup is an honest-to-goodness staple here at my house and my kids ask it often. In my opinion, this is an easy, healthful meal and I don't mind making it, even on the fly, because they eat it so well. Shockingly, they even eat the vegetables in this soup without protest and that is a distinction that this dish has all to itself! Carrots and celery don't go over nearly so well with my crew outside of a bowl of this soup.   

The first time I made this soup as meal for my family was way back when my sassy, tween son was just a wee toddler...he was also a card-carrying member of the pickiest-eater-on-the-planet club. I made this soup for a sick family member and truthfully, I didn't expect him to even try it when he saw those colorful, healthful foods scattered amongst the noodles. 


gluten-free for good, a cookbook

I was so excited to read this book when I received it! Food allergies have made adopting a gluten-free diet a necessity for members of both my immediate and extended family. I was eager to learn more about making delicious meals for such a special diet. For a traditional baker and cook like myself, the special flours and thickening agents that are called for regularly in gluten-free recipes can seem so mysterious. I enjoyed very much getting a more complete glimpse of a gluten-free diet and lifestyle through these recipes and photos. As it turns out, a gluten-free diet doesn't seem so limited afterall.

Immediately, my interest was in the dessert and breakfast sections of the book and I was impressed by the beautiful and scrumptious-looking pictures for classic favorites such as carrot cake, upside-down plum cake, blondies, and brownies. For breakfast there were recipes for baked goods such as cinnamon buns, sweet breads, muffins, pancakes and doughnuts! There are also several other delicious dessert and breakfast recipes that would keep those that follow gluten-free diet, but love to bake, happy for some time to come.


Pumpkin Spice Latte Cookies with Easy Caramel Sauce

It's officially fall, y'all!  I'm so thankful that the temperature outside has cooled off a bit. It's still warm out there, but it's not crazy hot like it has been. As I get older, I find the brutal, end-of-summer heatwave more and more unbearable and I seriously look forward to even the slightest drop in the heat index! 

Okay, there. My annual whine-about-the-heat post is over and done with. I know, I know. Moving on...
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