U.S. Senate Bean Soup

Can you believe Christmas is over?! I can't, but I never can. There's always so much anticipation surrounding Christmas for our family, you know with the presents, planning the big meal and family reunions, that I'm always a little sad when the excitement over the big day is done. I leave my Christmas tree up through New Year's Day every, single year...I just can't let it go before then. 

For Christmas dinner this year we kept the menu very simple, but we enjoyed some our most-loved dishes. We prepared a honey-glazed ham, our favorite recipe for creamy, cheesy scalloped potatoes, and a pot of country-style green beans with bacon. The meal was served with some buttery, soft, fresh-baked dinner rolls and we made a spiced apple pie and some homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert. 

Cute Holiday Cookies 2016!

This is just a quick picture post of some Christmas cookies that I enjoyed making very much! They are simple, classic and I just think they are terribly cute. I also heard they were a bit hit at my niece's preschool :)

I hope everyone is feeling ready the holiday with their family's. I know I'm definitely not ready and I'm behind on shopping and as usual. That means I'll be out with the other slackers picking up several gifts at the last minute...that's just how I roll.

I've got more cookies going out over the weekend and I'll post pictures when it all slows down next week!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone and please enjoy the pics! xoxo


Homemade Peppermint Mocha Lattes

In the last few weeks, we've been experimenting and making our own coffeehouse-style drinks at home. By far, the biggest hit with our whole coffee-loving family has been the classic mocha latte combination. I've made a gazillion of them recently and it hasn't gotten old yet.

Coffee and cocoa, you say?! You had us all from the start... for sure.


Homemade Flour Tortillas

I don't think it matters where you are from, I think everyone will agree that one of the best treats in the world is a homemade flour tortilla. We are so lucky to have some of the world's best Mexican (Tex-Mex) restaurants in the world here in San Antonio and warm, fresh tortillas are served at the table with every meal.

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