Coconut Joys with Almonds

These coconut joys are appropriately named and have definitely become source of happiness in our house lately. They are so easy to make and ridiculously delicious! Truth be told, I'm not sure if I should classify these as a no-bake cookie or a no-fuss candy, but we love them in either category. We made a batch of these simple treats over the weekend when a no-bake recipe for dessert was just what we needed.


Spicy Tamale-Cornbread Dressing

My mother's cornbread dressing is the highlight of all holiday meals for me. It has always been my  favorite holiday dish she makes... besides her giblet gravy which, of course, gets slathered all over my plate every year!

I'm going to publish a general disclaimer here (before she reads this post and flips out) even without considering my special add-ins, this recipe is not my mom's cornbread dressing recipe exactly. She "eyeballs" most things and she uses a lot more dried sage (Southern tradition to use lots of sage in the dressing!) and she uses a combination of turkey drippings from the roasting pan and canned broth to moisten the dressing.


Pumpkin Pancakes

Those of you that have followed me for a while now know that breakfast on the weekends at our place is kind of a big deal. My kids and I like to work (more like play!) to together and make something extra special to eat on our lazy weekend mornings. Some of our favorite, go-to family recipes are homemade cinnamon rolls, biscuits, waffles and pancakes! Yes, it's basically a total carb fest here on Saturday and Sunday and we love it!

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