Buttery Beer Bread

When I think of quick breads I almost always immediately think of nicely spiced, sweet breads that make for terrific breakfast or a dessert.  Most of my favorite quick breads are made with fruit and sometimes even chocolate, like this apple quick bread or my kid's favorite banana bread with chocolate chips!

However, lately I've been making some savory quick breads to go with our suppertime meals and this flavorful beer bread has quickly risen to the top of the favorite list around here (pun totally intended)!


Pan-Toasted Cranberry Almond Muesli

Muesli cereal eaten with vanilla-flavored yogurt has long been one of my favorite breakfasts. Eating muesli with yogurt is something I adopted in my time as an honorary Swede back in the nineties. Pre-Sweden, I'd only experienced any kind of cereal eaten with milk, but muesli and yogurt were just made for each other, y'all.
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