Bandanna Style Cookies...For a Homesick Texan

Well, I won't keep you all waiting any longer.  Here is the finished product from Tuesday's cookie post!  I really enjoyed decorating these little beauties.

These cookies are being shipped and given away to a family members and friends who were members of our wedding party.  My mother-in-law lives in the New York City area and she seems to stay incredibly homesick for Texas.  I thought this little bit of Texas -style would cheer her up or at least give her a good conversation piece at the office.

 It's also significant because we were married on the Texas coast... if you don't know me personally, then you don't know that I got married on May 4!  As I mentioned in the previous, brief post, lots have changed since my last blog update over a year ago.  And they are all good changes. 


 Here is another variation on the same bandanna-style cookie in simple flower shape.  I love mason jars and when I happened upon a mason jar shaped cookie cutter I actually squealed.  Yes, it's true... I squealed out loud like school girl!  Luckily, it was a slow day at the mall.

Mason jars were a huge part of our simple wedding reception decor.  I hand-painted a bunch of them, 36 jars to be exact, in bright, spring colors and made them look "weathered".  It was fun... and that tutorial is for another post. 

This bandanna-country style for cookies is so versatile.  It could work for weddings, birthday parties, and if paired up with a cookie as a sort of plaque, like my mason jar, it will be perfect for all kinds of personalized cookie assortments.  Next time I decorate in this style I'm planning to use pastel colors... turquoise, pink, yellow. Little cowgirl party decor? It would be a hit!

Well, my family, cooking and now decorating cookies and cakes are still the primary focus here on Little Fish and in real life, although not always in that order.  Updating my blog...another dream come true, has made it's way back on the grid as well.   I have collected and written many recipes... I have lots of catching up to do!

My husband will be thrilled to see me back to obsessively photographing food.  I'm just being sarcastic.  He doesn't care really as long as the meal eventually makes it to the table.  


Cookies For a Homesick Texan

And, just like that, without warning... I post!  I've been meaning to post for weeks and weeks! Life and fatigue keep getting in the way.  I just had to take a minute to break the ice here.  Lots of things have changed around the old homestead in the last year. 

I bake a lot lately, and not just for me and mine, but for others too.  I've taken Texas up on their passage of a cottage food law in 2011 and I run a small baking business from home.  Cakes are cool, but my true love is decorating cookies.  In fact, it's fair and right to say that I'm completely addicted to it.   

 These cookies will be decorated and sent to a homesick family member in New York.   I hope to cheer them up!  And, yes, you will see the "after" pic when I get them all good and pretty. 
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