Fun Retirement Cookies!

These pics were snapped with my phone, so yes, not as clear as with my Sony!
I found out a couple of weeks ago that the principal at my son's elementary school would be retiring.  She sent a brief letter out to the school community announcing her retirement and that she hoped, after over 10 years of service as an administrator, she could travel and spend more time with her grandchildren.

She is a sweet lady and I always saw her up and around the school when I was on the campus.  She was a very visible principal and didn't seem the type to just stay plopped behind her desk.  I can only imagine that she will stay as busy in her retirement years. My son and I have had a great rapport with her these last two and half years, and she will be missed!

Easy Triple-Cheese Buffalo Chicken Stromboli

I'll just start this post off by exposing a dark family secret: we are not huge football fans and we hardly follow any of the series at all.  Yes, it's absolutely true.  Not a single football team fan jersey can be found anywhere in this house! There it is. Now this disturbing family detail is out on the table.  But, maybe I can offer a little comfort to all the foozball fanatics by telling you that even though we don't follow any particular team, each year we do get in the spirit and watch the Superbowl!

My husband will follow and enjoy the game once it starts.  I can't say the same applies to me, but any celebration that offers me an excuse to spend my afternoon making fun appetizers and baking is one I can appreciate.  Getting to utilize my huge crazy lady collection of party platters is just a bonus!


Valentine's Day Cookies and Box Sets!

Well, here is my simple Valentine's cookie collection for the year.  I wanted these cookies to be classic, fun, romantic and a tad frilly. I mean, it's just not Valentine's day until someone gets frilly!


Zucchini-Potato Pancakes

I know I'm not the only parent who struggles with finding ways to interest my kids in vegetables.  Fortunately, I can tell you that my two kiddos do voluntarily enjoy some goodies from the garden.  My kids are typical kids that enjoy the typical kid favorite vegetables: sweet potatoes, potatoes, green beans and carrots. Yep, that list is pretty much all-inclusive.  So, I regularly offer new vegetables and sides just to annoy them and keep them guessing.


I Love Unusual Requests

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of decorating some cookies for one of my regular customers who called with some unusual cookie design requests. She asked for cookies with general hockey, massage school, and disc golf themesWell, there you have it. I love a good challenge.

Like the rest of the world, I checked out the internet and Pinterest for inspiration.  For hockey theme cookies there were lots of pics to look at, but that wasn't the case for the other cookie sets.  It's apparent that the market for gifting to massage therapists and disc golfers does not lie in decorated cookies!  But, just maybe we can change that.     

Here are pics of the end result.  These were so fun to make!  

Cookies a massage therapist will love!

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