Happy Thanksgiving!!

Praying and wishing for Thanksgiving Day happiness and a harvest of blessings for all of my family, friends, bakery customers and my readers!  

I am so indescribably thankful for all of you!

xoxo Marcelle

More Thanksgiving Cookie Sets of 2015

The holidays are here! Well, just about here, anyway. I've been blessed to have some little pops of Thanksgiving cookie business early-on this year. These sets are two of my favorites, so far. I have more orders to fill next week, so my sincere hope is that you enjoy looking at them because the onslaught of holiday cookies pics is coming, y'all. 

Patchwork Pumpkin Cookies!

I love looking at pictures of the cute, plaid, patchy, rustic-style fall cookies that always pop-up on Pinterest at this time of the year!  So, this fall I decided to make my own! These Patchwork Pumpkin cookies are an original cookie art design I made and I'm offering through my bakery business for the remainder of the autumn season! 

The Chocolate Final

My lovely friend, Stacie, is enrolled in a local culinary arts program and lately she's been working really hard at making all kinds of amazing goodies in her chocolate and confections course.  Well, I was lucky enough to be invited to the final exam for her chocolate class last week!

The invitation was extended by my friend, Jennifer, who had pre-purchased tickets for the event. Also attending her final exam were Stacie's husband, Alfredo and her mother, Alma. The tasting was held in the school's dining room and waiting for us there were three, large tables full of gorgeous, handmade chocolates!  

Lightened Up Broccoli Salad

Broccoli salad is by far one of the best fresh, veggie salads on the planet. I don't where the recipe originated, but who ever thought it up is one amazing individual in my book. It's one of those classic, simple, and versatile recipes that can be easily tweaked with added ingredients to suit personal tastes. And, it works with all kinds of menus for all kinds of events ranging from simple picnics to big, holiday meals. 

I make this broccoli salad pretty often because Evan and I really like pairing it with barbecue and many of our favorite simple, weeknight meat dishes, like baked chicken. It's also really satisfying on it's own as salad and I've been known to pack a small bowl to eat for lunch at work. I'm planning to serve it with our upcoming Christmas meal too. It think it will be well-matched with a scrumptious, baked ham and savory, cornbread stuffing. It'll be a nice change from our usual chilled, macaroni salad that's been a staple at my family's Christmas meal for years.
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