Spicy Mexican Spaghetti Squash Cakes

Spaghetti squash was new to me as recently as two years ago, but it's become a staple item here in my kitchen. I just love it! One medium-sized squash makes a lot of food and for that reason alone, it's a good thing it's such a versatile vegetable. I typically buy one good-sized spaghetti squash, roast the whole thing and then use it, one half at a time, to make two different dishes. 


Easy Tomato-Pesto Tart

I love savory dishes served in pie shells like quiches, meat pot pies, and all kinds of pretty vegetable tarts. 

This tomato tart is my adapted version of a recipe I found in an old Southern Living cookbook years back. I haven't made this dish in a really long time and it was kind of forgotten about. I only recently re-discovered it in my massive stack of hand-written recipe cards when I was searching for a different recipe all together. I was trying to break us out of our recent boring chicken dinner rut and ended up going in a completely different direction with this veggie tart. 


King of Pop Party!

So far, February 2016 for us has been nothing short of eventful. As I write this post, I'm holding my three-year old daughter in my lap. She's been running fever and she's not feeling so hot at the moment. My son just bounced back from a seven-day run with sickness too. He had strep throat and something viral going on at the same time. It was awful. He was absolutely down and out. (Yes, I have hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and Lysol spray stashed in every corner of this house!)

His ninth birthday fell smack dab in middle of his run with the plague too. So, once it was evident he was on the mend, it was time to party! 

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