We Went to Savannah, Y'all! (Part 1)

After over a month of non-stop travel, family visits, family functions, and one big road trip that took us all the way to the southern east coast, it feels great to be in one place long enough to work on this blog! 

In June, we spent a week in the Ft. Worth area and visited the botanical gardens and the  Ft. Worth Zoo with the kids. Not long after that family trip, Evan and I dropped the kids off with some trusted family members and set out on a long drive in search of some (much needed) grown-up fun.This trip was pretty special to us as it was planned to be the honeymoon we never had after we were married a couple of years ago. We are so blessed to have family members who were willing and able to give us such an extended break. 

On our road trip, we saw miles and miles of beautiful country and got to stop and visit, albeit briefly, two destinations I've always been intrigued by: New Orleans, Lousiana and Savannah, Georgia! Our night in New Orleans was a flash in the pan, literally. We arrived after 8 hours of driving at 6 p.m., just enough time to clean up and head out for a couple of drinks and dinner. It was nearly dark when we got out and about and unfortunately, I don't have many pictures that are worth sharing from that night. 

plated, the cookbook

If you are familiar with the popular meal-delivery service, Plated, you will be excited to know that two members of their talented culinary staff have published a cookbook! The book is well-organized and it really comes to life with the gorgeous photos of several of the featured dishes throughout the book. 

Overall, the book showcases a great collection of classic recipes that every good cook needs on hand such as bolognese sauce, fried chicken, risotto, polenta and much, much more. I also really appreciate the ample selection of classic, foreign fare they include such as gravlax, ramen, gyros and a few more. The book is also peppered with a handful of good recipes for, what I refer to as,  modern classics such as white lasagna and fish tacos. 

There are several sections in the book meant to guide it's readers, no matter the skill-level, towards experimenting with variations of the basic recipes they've written. For instance, they offer several suggestions for re-purposing leftovers into new dishes. But, my favorite aspect of this book are smart, seasonal ingredients they suggest so that many of the recipes can be adapted throughout the year. 

I'm certain that this book will be appreciated by cooks of all levels from to beginner to the most advanced. The authors thoughtfully covered a wonderfully wide range of basic cooking skills, modern menu suggestions, and lots of lovely recipes for every time of the day. 

Chances are that anyone who thumbs through this cookbook will find a recipe they will look forward to making for the first time, I know I found a few! I prepared the book's recipe for potato gnocchi, which was a first for me. The instructions were spot on, easy to follow and my first attempt at a classic potato gnocchi was a delicious success.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

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