Mississippi Mud Cake

I had every intention of filling this post with grand historical facts about the origin of the cake and it's namesake cousin, the Mississippi Mud Pie. However, a cursory search of the internet didn't yield much to pass on beyond the obvious: a rich chocolate, brownie-like cake smothered in melted marshmallows and chocolate glaze is alot like sticky mud...the mud around the Mississippi River, in particular. So, there you have it in a pretty anti-climactic nutshell. 

But, after digging a little deeper it seems that based on the cake's puzzling name, the layers of the finished cake are cause for speculation over any symbolism their inclusion in the recipe has. Throughout the articles and posts I read, the ideas tossed around discussing the cake's bit and pieces went a lot like this:


Classic Waffles

It's really hard to believe that another summer has come and gone. It's back to school on Monday for my big fourth grader and of course, it's always a bittersweet beginning. I panicked mildly when I realized there are only two summers left before he starts middle school. 

Didn't he just graduate from Pre-K last year?!


Easy Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse

If you visit me regularly here or follow any of my social media accounts, then you are well-aware of how much I love to bake. Well, using the word 'love' to describe my affection for baking may not be the best word choice entirely because it definitely borders on obsession. But, I'll be the first to admit my problem and then happily share all about my huge collection of cake pans and cookie cutters that I absolutely adore. And, yes, I actually use them... all of them! 

However, a little known fact about me is that I cope with auto-immune disease that is triggered, in large part, by a food allergy. More specifically, I'm mildly allergic to milk. My reaction to dairy-based foods is very mild and thankfully is no where near a life-threatening level of allergy. Heaven knows I've eaten enough mint chocolate chip ice cream to date to prove it's not going to kill me. However, I've been learning to deal with the sudden onset of uncomfortable psoriasis patches since my late-twenties and that's been a life-altering process in it's own right.  


We Went to Savannah, Y'all (Part II)

Beautiful, large Live Oak tree in downtown Savannah, GA.
Since we returned from our road trip vacation, so many people ask me these two questions: "So, why did you pick Savannah? What did you want to see there?" Well, in a nutshell...I love to learn about history, but more than that I wanted to see trees. 

Yes, trees! 

Those large, Spanish moss-covered trees, that are so prominent in every film I've ever seen set in Savannah, were calling my name and I just had to see them in person. The Georgia greenery I've always wanted to see certainly didn't disappoint and the lush landscape was the number one attraction for me throughout the areas of the town we visited. But, as it turned out, we were staying only one block away from the historic Forsyth Park and just a 10-minute walk away from River Street dining and socializing hot spots. So, several times a day we made our way inside different establishments to enjoy appetizers and drinks too. 

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