Santa's Whiskers

I just love this recipe for these retro cookies called Santa's Whiskers. I can't claim that these cookies hold dear, childhood memories for me, because I've only recently discovered them.


Book Review: How to Set A Table

I was so happy to receive a review copy of this petite, pretty book called How to Set A Table. I don't get to have sit down dinner parties with full place settings much anymore, but once-upon-a-time I loved having nice, grown-up dinner parties. I used to set up a table with real candles, schnapps glasses for toasting, linens napkins and the whole kit and kaboodle. Now that my kids are getting a bit bigger, maybe we can start to have some family-style sit down dinners with real place settings and linens and try to teach some true manners to these little minions and show the kids a nice dinner with style at home!


Cappuccino Crinkles #SundaySupper

These cappuccino crinkles are just amazing little cookies.

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