Pineapple Dream Poke Cake

It's almost August and my kids have been on summer break for seven weeks now with just three more weeks of summer fun to go. This summer has been a bit different for me as a mom, and it's been a little easier to get out and about now that the kids are getting bigger. My rug rats are now ages 11 and 5 and although they still passionately bicker over ridiculous things at times, overall they're much easier to reason with these days. They are also much more cooperative when it comes to packing up and getting out of the house compared to back when they were, as a pair, ages 6 and 1.

Dairy-Free Mornin' Sunshine (Cranberry-Apple) Muffins

Our breakfast ritual usually involves eggs, eggs and more eggs.  Literally, my kids eat scrambled eggs each and every morning like they are going out of style! Sure, I like my buttery, sunny-side up eggs with hash browns or a bacon-filled breakfast taco, but sometimes mama needs a little break from the ordinary.  I mean, it's no secret that I have a pretty raging sweet tooth and I have every intention of using it!
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