Lemon & Herb Brine for Poultry

Until recently, the boneless, skinless variety of chicken breast was definitely the cut of meat that I least enjoyed grilling at home. Not because I didn't like to eat it, but because we always ruined it! Without fail, and no matter how we seasoned it, any super lean chicken breast that went on to our grill turned out bland and embarrassingly dry on the plate. I even tried prepping the meat with a few marinades and the end product was always just underwhelming to me. So, I pretty much gave up on those expensive cuts of meat and relied on the much more forgiving and economical darker cuts of poultry, like drumsticks and thighs for our barbecue dinners.

Southwestern Brown Rice Salad

I've been all about hearty grains lately.  My crew loves dishes made with comforting white rice, but I've been trying to increase our nutritional game a bit, so I've been mixing grains such as bulgur, barley and brown rice into the menu rotation more regularly.


Recipe Recap with Friends #1: Chilled Summer Salads

Hi everyone we are back from vacation and I must say it feels great to be home! We visited New Orleans, Louisiana, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Nashville, Tennessee and had a one night stay at our new favorite lake in Hot Springs, Arkansas! It was a fantastic time for my little family, seriously we all had a blast! I will be sharing all about the interesting places and attractions we visited on our big family road trip (along with boatloads of pictures!) in an upcoming post.

While we were traveling, one of things we enjoyed the most was being out in the cool mountain air, but now we are happily back in our central Texas home and boy, is it humid and hot. So today I'm sharing links to a few of my previously-posted chilled salad recipes that I think are terrific dishes for extra warm August days. Also, this post is kind of a big deal because I've enlisted the help of some of my amazing blogger friends on this cool subject and today is my first official Recipe Recap with Friends post!
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